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Our top 5 picks for hard to kill house plants

When selling your home, sometimes it’s little things that can have a big impact. Adding greenery to your indoor space can really add some wow factor. Cut flowers can look fabulous, but these will need replacing every week or so to look their best. Indoor plants are a great way to spruce up your home, and with the right plant selection you can do this with minimal effort.

Not only do plants act as a quick decorating tool, they actually assist to clean the air around them. By having plants in your home you will create a healthier environment for you and your family. Through trial and error over time, we’ve come up with a list of our favourite (non dying) indoor plants.


Succulents are a fantastic way to add a bit of greenery to a room. Most need minimal watering, and can survive in small vessels. Some varieties reward you with a colourful bloom every now and again. Our top tips for succulents to grow indoors are the very popular Echeveria, and the Howorthia ‘zebra plant’. I love reusing beautiful candle jars as planters for succulents.

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Zanibar Gem

I discovered this absolute gem of a plant at a ‘plant party’ hosted by Katie from Olive Green Plant and Prop. Katie talked through the air cleaning benefits of the Zanibar Gem, and then the fact that it barely ever needs water (a year later I have watered mine once, maybe twice, and it’s thriving!). This plant also loves low light areas of the home, perfect for brightening up a dull corner. I’ve recently picked up a couple more at Bunnings in Torquay, but they don’t always have them, so if you see them I highly recommend getting one.


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Snake Plant

These are possibly the easiest plants to grow indoors. Tolerant of a variety of light conditions, these can go un-watered for weeks on end and still look fabulous. Their strappy leaves are also helpful in removing toxins from the air in your home.


Snake plant easy to grow indoor plants One Agency Torquay

With it’s heart shaped leaves this gorgeous plant looks great in hanging baskets or on a shelf. This plant lets you know when it needs a water, as the leaves will start drooping. Once watered the leaves will spring back up within a short frame of time. There are a few different varieties, some have solid green leaves, and some have the lovely stripe effect. I sourced mine through Pippi’s Plants in Barwon Heads.


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Air Plants

These incredible little plants can literally survive on air, making them extremely versatile to use as decoration. Perfect for terrariums or in natural vessels such as shells, there is plenty of inspiration on pinterest for ways to display air plants in your home.

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Happy Gardening!

x Liz






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No green thumb required

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