When you go to sell your home, first impressions count. There are some key tips to sell your home for more that are easy to achieve. Showcasing your home is about highlighting it’s advantages and the possibilities to potential buyers. Try to take a step back, and imagine your home from the perspective of a potential buyer. Here are some important tips to ensure you get the best possible price for your home.

  • Clean and de-clutter – This might seem obvious, but really does have a big impact on the presentation of your home. A sparkling and organised home shows that it’s been well maintained and cared for.
  • Paint in neutral tones – A coat of paint really can make a huge difference to your home. Neutral tones create a lighter brighter space and suit a wider range of decor styles.
  • Finish maintenance projects and repairs – Get all the odd jobs and projects done. It’s much easier to sell a home that is ready to move straight into.
  • Add a sprinkle of interior trends – This can be achieved in a cost effective way with soft furnishings such as cushions and throw rugs. Try to choose decor that will appeal to a wider range of people.
  • Spruce up your garden – Trim your lawns and weed your garden beds. A few colourful pots at your front entry can have a great first impression.
  • Consider indoor plants – These can really have a big impact, and have a wonderful effect of bringing the outdoors in! Even if gardening is not strongest talent, there are some fabulous plants that require very little attention but look fantastic!
  • A little bit of luxury can make a big impact – Plump towels, fresh linen, boutique bath products and little touches like candles and flowers can really enhance the aesthetic of your home.
  • Talk to our team about the most important preparations you can do for your individual property. Though there are some golden rules in terms of property preparation, every property is unique, and One Agency can assist you to work out the priorities for your home. Call our office on 03 5261 4711 or alternatively fill in the contact form below.
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